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Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in supporting our scholars through volunteerism. When dedicated volunteers offer their time and energy to CWA, scholars receive even more support. As a volunteer, you will not only feel the satisfaction of contributing to your community, but also model community engagement for our next generation of leaders.

Volunteer opportunities include tutoring and mentoring, helping out at school functions, helping direct cars when school starts and ends, becoming a scout leader, lending a hand with fund-raising activities, and more!

If you’d like to volunteer, start by looking at this year’s opportunities. For more information or to get involved, contact:

Dr. Mora Anderson
Executive Director

Meet Some of Our Volunteers

Rotarian Doug JacobsonRotarian Doug Jacobson has been tutoring CWA students for two years.
“I like kids, and anything I can do to help kids get ahead, grow and learn is a good thing.”
Lawson MurrellLawson Murrell has been CWA’s volunteer basketball coach for seven years. He has three children in CWA.
“I have a passion for basketball and I like teaching it. And the kids learn a lot of life lessons from athletics.”
Sharon LoganSharon Logan helps 1st and 3rd graders at basketball practice, where her niece plays. She also has helped at the Book Fair.
“I used to play basketball, so I wanted to help out, and participating is nice. I like to support my niece in whatever she is interested in doing.”
Melita BornheimerMelita Bornheimer has been volunteering in a variety of capacities for about three years, helping out with the Book Fair, the holiday gift sale and on field trips. She has a great nephew in CWA.
“Volunteering helps cut down on costs, because they don’t have to hire people to do what you do. And it’s what a parent is supposed to do.”
Althea Dillon-ElAlthea Dillon-El helps shelve books in the library and in classrooms with various projects. She has two children in CWA and has been volunteering for seven years.
“I volunteer to get more involved in the school. Parents who are involved have a better outlook on their kids’ education.”