Rigorous academics and character development inspire lifelong learning.

Prospective Families 

Dear Prospective Families,

In our classrooms and on the playground, from drop-off to dismissal, I see it every day: Capitol West Academy is a family. That’s what makes it so hard to tell you that CWA is no longer enrolling and will be closing its doors at the end of the current school year. 

Dr. Mora Anderson

This decision comes after a long negotiation process with our chartering entity, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. We have advocated for our school throughout this process, as we believe strongly in our ability to positively impact the education and lives of our students and their families.

On December 6, 2019 we received final confirmation from UW-Milwaukee that they are withdrawing our charter renewal. After exploring multiple options, including other charter authorizers, we determined that we do not have a pathway forward that allows CWA to reopen in August 2020. 

Capitol West Academy was founded in 2003 by SaintA (then St. Aemilian-Lakeside) to serve the educational needs of the Milwaukee community. Since then, we have educated hundreds of K4 through 8th grade students, formed partnerships with parents, and together worked hard to live out the values of self-control, responsibility, honor, and determination.

Our tireless commitment to character excellence, rigorous academics, and individualized support has created an educational environment that promotes learning and core values to create successful students who are lifelong learners. I
t has been my pleasure to serve CWA since 2016. I have had the pleasure of witnessing CWA educators, parents, and students work together and make wonderful things happen.

Along with teachers and staff, I am committed to serving this family throughout the end of the school year and making this transition manageable for students and their families.


Dr. Mora Anderson 

Executive Director