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Current Families

Family participation is crucial

Parent involvement is a critical piece of our mission to surround every child with a network of support where they are set up to achieve their goals. In fact, parent involvement in a child’s education is the number one predictor of student success.

We value and actively seek the perspectives of our parents through the Parental Advisory Committee and in parent surveys also makes your voice heard. There are opportunities for every Wildcat parent to get involved. We ask that every family steps up to the plate in the following ways to support their child’s education:

1. Making a Team Effort

CWA parents, teachers, and staff are a team all working toward the same goal: their child thriving today, in high school, and beyond. As such, we ask parents to communicate with the team when there are concerns or questions. Use the passport system for easy communication and collaboration among team members.

Since our opening, we have strived for (and achieved!) 100% attendance at parent-teacher conferences. We emphasize these conferences because they are a time for the team to check in with one another. Parents are encouraged to schedule additional family-teacher conferences if needed.

2. Bringing Learning Home

CWA parents are expected to ensure their child’s daily attendance and completion of school work. But, learning at home does not stop with homework.

We ask that parents take advantage of everyday
teaching moments. From comparing prices at the grocery store to chatting about the plot of a TV show, teaching moments make children natural learners. These moments can include academic, social, or emotional lessons.

3. Showing Up to Show Support

Sometimes, the best way to show support for your child is to simply be present! Volunteer to help in the classroom, in the lunchroom, or on the playground. Attend school functions, such as the Back to School BBQ or your child’s sports games. Your child will notice your effort to be involved in their learning and development.

    Please visit our Resources section for information and documentation, such as our school handbook, calendar, forms and more.