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Congratulations Capitol West Academy Class of 2019!

Whether they’re looking ahead to first grade or their first steps into high school, Capitol West Academy graduates have a bright future ahead of them.  

Eighth Graders Prepare for the Next Chapter 

CWA is proud to graduate 33 eighth graders who will go on to many preferred high schools throughout the Milwaukee area. Their destinations include Tenor High School, Milwaukee High School of the Arts, Rufus King High School, Pius XI Catholic High School, Milwaukee Excel High School, Wisconsin Lutheran High School, and Milwaukee Collegiate Academy. 

At 5:00 P.M. on June 10th, the eighth graders officially closed their middle school chapter with a graduation ceremony in the Alumni Dining Room at Mount Mary University. The students elected Mr. Leon Johnson, a previous CWA staff member, to be their graduation guest speaker.  

8th grade teachers Sara LaCrosse and Andrea Ervin say the eighth graders should be proud of their progress and learning, but that’s not all they have to be proud of.  

“They have learned a lot of math but hopefully they have learned how to be respectful people,” says Ms. Ervin. “We worked hard this year on understanding where people come from, learning from each other, and taking a moment to make sure we are the reason people smile.”

Ms. LaCrosse remembers a time her homeroom class volunteered at a local food bank. “They enjoyed working together and volunteering their time to help others,” she says. This class has a lot of personality and they do give people a reason to smile.” 

Looking toward the students’ futures in high school, Ms. LaCrosse says, “I hope our 8th graders use the values that they have learned at Capitol West Academy to be productive members of their high schools.”

“They have the tools needed to become anything and be great!” adds Ms. Ervin.

On June 7th, before rehearsing for the ceremony, eighth graders took to the halls of Capitol West Academy for a symbolic final walk-through. All the other CWA Wildcats lined the hallways to cheer them on.

Kindergarteners Transform into First Graders 

While the eighth graders prepare to leave Capitol West Academy, 20 kindergarteners are preparing to dive in to the next phase of their CWA experience. At 1:00 P.M. on June 11th, the K5 Class of 2019 took the stage of the Franciscan Center for a graduation ceremony.  

Kindergarten teacher Teresa De Francisco says she is especially proud of how much growth they have made in learning to read.

“The important thing they learned was that they can do anything they set their minds to,” she adds. “All they have to do is believe in themselves, try their hardest, and persevere when things seem hard.”

The kindergarten class is known as exceptionally empathetic and kind. Ms. De Francisco says the class watched caterpillars transform into butterflies: “The students were so attached to them that several children cried when we released the butterflies into the wild.”

Congratulations to the entire class of 2019! Check out an image gallery of both ceremonies at the Wildcat Zone

We look forward to welcoming a new group of K4-8th graders back in the fall. Limited enrollment is still available. Please call 414-465-1302 to get started.