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Passport to Success


When kids are supported at both home and school, they’re more likely to thrive. Our Passport to Success program through Classroom Dojo allows parents, teachers, and students to collaborate to make that a reality.

A Daily Check-In

At the beginning of the year, the whole Wildcat family–scholars, parents, and staff–sign a pledge to work together in three key areas: communication, partnership, and commitment to lifelong learning.

This collaboration requires daily communication. Through the Classroom Dojo passport, teachers can document the scholar’s progress and behavior to facilitate communication between home and school.

The passport is more than a daily check-in; it opens up conversations between scholars and their support system about their goals, values, and choices. It provides a daily reminder that students have adults in their lives who truly care about their progress, and who believe they can meet their goals. 

Together, the Wildcat family encourages students be accountable and celebrate their progress.

Please visit our Resources section for information and documentation, such as our school handbook, calendar, forms and more.