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More than 20 volunteers from the Elmbrook and Mayfair Rotary groups come to CWA every week and help tutor children in reading. The program, which has been going on for a number of years, aims to get students up to their grade level or higher in reading and to develop a love for reading. The Rotarians love interacting with the children, and the students get a needed boost to help them succeed. Many of the children eagerly look forward to the Rotarians’ sessions. Watch a video on Elmbrook Rotary’s literacy program with us.

Neuroscience-based support

Our teachers understand how the brain’s structure and growth patterns affect learning and offer neurodevelopmentally informed, trauma-sensitive practices that support students’ needs. We also provide counseling to students and families in collaboration with the School Based Services program of SaintA. Services include classroom and small group guidance on topics such as bullying, safety, stress management, friendships and social skills.

The counselor also helps staff increase their knowledge about emotional and behavioral issues. Students and families who may be encountering a stressful life event, dealing with issues of trauma, mental health, violence, alcohol and drug abuse and poverty also may receive individual support. The work helps students effectively engage in the learning process and connects families with needed community resources.

Green Bay’s CBS 5 segment: Trauma Informed Care Training Helps Local Teachers Reach Students

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