Rigorous academics and character development inspire lifelong learning.

About Us


Academic Greatness

Capitol West Academy is committed to providing every student with a top-notch education. We emphasize the academic skills that we know are essential for success in high school, college, and beyond. These include self-evaluation, planning and following through, perseverance, and quality work.

Solid Learning Environment

CWA’s teachers provide individualized instruction so that each scholar can reach their full potential. A 20:1 teacher-student ratio ensures that every scholar feels the personalized care of their teachers.

Inside the classroom, students are pushed to think critically and creatively to become world-class problem solvers. Our scholars are surrounded by community partnerships and after-school programs, which provide even more academic support and empower them to put their learning into action outside the classroom.

Brain-Based Approach

Research tells us that young brains are sensitive to the world around them. Children encounter new experiences and challenges every day, and we have a role to play in providing them with the skills and support they need. Our teachers are neuro-developmentally informed. This means their practices effectively target the complex, growing brains of young scholars. CWA teachers are trained to use cutting-edge, brain-based practices to help the growing brain get ready to learn, and support the scholar in developing healthy personality traits like resilience. Should students or their families need them, CWA provides both School Based Services and mental health care in collaboration with SaintA.

“Since K5, I’ve been pleased. The teachers go over and above just normal, everyday learning. And that helps me, because it gives me different ways to help my child at home.”

— Latoya Robinson, parent

Committed to Greatness

Our commitment to academic greatness is apparent to CWA parents and the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. A survey shows that CWA parents notice the quality of our teachers and the support every individual scholar receives. CWA’s 2017-2018 DPI report card showed that CWA scored 15% higher than the Milwaukee Public School average in ELA and Mathematics student achievement.